I first saw Ewoud de Groot’s work at the 2005 Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wisconsin. It was an oil painting of a group of Oystercatchers and it captivated me, so much so that I bought it. Since then we have regularly exhibited together in USA and UK, and I have watched his work develop with interest. So much Wildlife Art relies on the viewer’s affinity with the subject for its appeal, Ewoud’s work is different, and his use of light, medium, interpretation and texture are unique, bringing a new perspective and freshness to the genre. These are true works of art that transcend the boundaries between wildlife and contemporary art. 

Recently Ewoud sent me an image of a new painting telling me it was the ‘first stage of my 'Laplanduil’. It was a painting of a Great Grey Owl flying straight towards the viewer, the head and body had a little detail, and the wings were roughed out and covered in splatters, all on a blank canvas. My immediate reaction was to email him back and say ’leave it like that’. After a little persuasion he did and that painting now hangs in our house along with a growing collection of Ewoud’s work. Since then Ewoud has created more paintings in this pared down style, many of which are in this exhibition. They have a vitality and immediacy that brings the subject to life; these are paintings that one will never tire of viewing because they always have some new element to explore. They reward to viewer for time spent in their presence. 

Simon Gudgeon